Detail TypeDescription
Detail TypeDescription
Raw MaterialBOPP (Biaxially oriented polypropylene Film)
Adhesive CoatingEmulsion Pressure Sensitive Water Base Butyl Acrylic.
Adhesion Single Side
Tape Size12mm to 144mm or more
Length20 Meters to 650 Meters
Tape Thickness36 Microns to 55 Microns
Tape ColorAs Per Customers Requirements
Priting ColorAs Per Customers Requirements
Quality Compliance:ISO 9001-2008
Brand /MakeSuper Tape 999
Place of OriginMade in INDIA
SizePacking of Rolls/Box
12mm288 Rolls
18mm192 Rolls
24mm144 Rolls
36mm96 Rolls
48mm72 Rolls
60mm60 Rolls
72mm48 Rolls
96mm36 Rolls

Color Tape

Red 86% 86%
Green 82% 82%
Black 81% 81%
Blue 91% 91%
Transparent 95% 95%
Brown 93% 93%
Milky White 89% 89%
etc. 68% 68%

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